ComedyNight w/Quinn Patterson & Karen Jaffe


Quinn Patterson is a high-energy and versatile comedian, actor and writer. A Second City graduate and main stage player from Cleveland, Quinn tells stories that engage, entertain, and serve as a powerful connector to his crowd.

He lives and breathes the art of humor, using real life experiences as a fodder for his comedy, Quinn has pioneered his own unique comedic blend of personal anecdotes, social commentary, physical comedy, interaction with the audience, and the riotous reenactment of familiar everyday situations. He doesn't merely perform on stage; he infects the crowd with his contagious energy and feel-good humor.

Seeking more than just a chuckle, Quinn goes boldly after gut-busting laughter, howls and handclaps, and the satisfaction that comes from helping an audience leave their worries at the door.
Karen has been making people laugh since the age of six, when she punched an actor from Sesame Street LIVE in a rather sensitive area in front of a theater full of people. As an adult, she has found appreciative audiences in comedy clubs and independent shows all over the country, and she is a semi-finalist in the 2019 World Series of Comedy Festival. Her podcast, "Everybody Dies," will debut later this year. She has worked with such notable and varied comedians as Stewart Huff, Greg Hahn, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Mark Normand