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City Nature Challenge: Fort Wayne Area 2021


The City Nature Challenge is fun way to learn about the wildlife living all around us, even in the city! Anyone can participate with the click of a photo. This is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day while still practicing social distancing. Fort Wayne and 6 surrounding counties are coming together to participate for the second year. We are taking part in a global community science project, aimed at documenting all the wildlife in and around our cities. It started off in 2016 as San Francisco vs. Los Angeles, and has grown to over 250 participating cities worldwide this year.

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Although there is still the word challenge in the title, this year CNC is turning their focus towards collaboration. Please participate safely, within the guidelines of your local Covid 19 directives. Organizers will tally a worldwide count of species, observations, and observers. Everyone wins!

For both budding and veteran community scientists, participating is easy:
1. Find wildlife. It can be any wild plant, animal, fungi, slime mold, or any other evidence of life (scat, fur, tracks, shells, carcasses!) found in your participating city.
2. Take a picture of what you find, and be sure to note the location of the critter or plant.
3. Share your observations by uploading your findings through iNaturalist

You can do this in the comfort of your own backyard, neighborhood trail or park!


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