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Over the course of crafting a 25-album catalog and architecting 40 Billboard No. 1 singles as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, Brian Culbertson has charted his own unique course in music. Culbertson burst onto the scene in 1994 with a chart-topping album that he recorded in his college apartment featuring keyboard-led contemporary jazz tracks. “Long Night Out” landed him a lengthy record deal and signaled that a star was born.

Flash forward to present day, Culbertson is touring with music from his latest three albums, a collection of thirty songs that populate the three albums in “The Trilogy.” Each album is represented by a color that describes part of the arc of a long-term relationship. ‘Red’ is about the hot and steamy “falling in love” phase. “Blue” is full of melancholy, featuring the rocky middle part when perhaps the couple even breaks up for a bit. “White” is about joy and when the couple reunites to live out the “happily ever after” phase.

Taken all together, “The Trilogy Tour” showcases an eclectic, entertaining, and engaging set from an artist at the peak of his power.



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