Art Club


The FWMoA Art Club is a group of teens who want to think bigger and bolder through their ideas about art and creativity by being part of a community of highly talented and motivated teens from across our region.

The Art Club uses Group Dynamics, which allows the students to share their deep interest for the arts with like minds, use each other as a resource for brainstorming ways to improve their work, and it also raises the expectation of every student's capabilities. The Fort Wayne Museum of Art leads the group by exposing students to contemporary art, presenting sketchbook assignments, and giving students feedback on their work, all of which has greatly increased Art Club members' success with not only the National Scholastic program, but also in garnering college scholarships.

The Art Club is open to any teen Middle or High School student interested in the visual arts. The Club meets monthly while school is in session.

This is a free resource for students to enjoy.