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4820 Dinners Series: Sake Dinner


Sake is a traditional Japanese rice wine that has something in it for everyone!

Join us Monday, October 26th for our 12 small course Japanese Sake dinner!

Seats are available for purchase at $100.00 per ticket! Call (260)484-3300 and reserve your spot today!

Course 1: Kumamoto Oysters – Yuzu Sake Granita

Course 2: Sashimi - Hamachi (Japanese Amberjack)

Course 3: Octopus Salad – Cucumber, Wakame Seaweed, Sesame Seeds

Course 4: Ahi Tuna – Maki Roll

Course 5: Dashi Broth – Shimeji Mushroom, Crab, Bonito Flake

Course 6: Tempura – Kabocha Squash, Shrimp, Shiso Leaves, Sake Ponzu Sauce

Course 7: Green Tea Course – Green Tea Smoked Duck Breast, Green Tea Soba Noodle

Course 8: Miso Soup - Lobster, Bok Choy, Edamame

Course 9: Pork Belly - Sake Braised, Bok Choy

Course 10: Beef – Soy Marinated, Daikon Radish

Course 11: Black Sesame Ice Cream

Course 12: Lychee and Coconut Pudding