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Content Creator Search

Work With Visit Fort Wayne

Visit Fort Wayne is looking to partner with a local content creator on a series of social-first videos in 2023. Think TikTok and Reels style.

The goal of this collaboration is to showcase Fort Wayne as a visitor destination in quick vertical videos created for social media. The videos will share Fort Wayne with potential visitors from a local’s perspective — celebrating the best experiences and flavors, the hidden gems, and the creative culture that await in our community. This creator will provide an insider guide to Fort Wayne as a vibrant, inclusive, exciting destination through videos shared on Visit Fort Wayne’s social media platforms.


  • Compensation:
    • $5000 over the course of the campaign, for a minimum of 5 videos.
    • Creator and Visit Fort Wayne will establish content themes and timelines once the creator has been selected.
  • Applicants must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Visit Fort Wayne will help connect the Creator with attractions, restaurants, and other businesses, and cover attraction admission and additional expenses incurred for the purpose of the videos.
  • Entry Deadline: May 30, 2023


To Apply:

1. Complete the form fields and questions below.

2. Submit an entry video sharing your Guide to a Weekend in Fort Wayne.

a. The video should be vertical (9:16), created as if it were to be shared on social media.

b. Video Length: 30 - 90 seconds

c. In the video, keep in mind Visit Fort Wayne’s audience: visitors.

NOTE: We will not share your submission video without asking you for permission.

Entry Form

Once you complete the form and click Submit, please wait for the confirmation page to know if your application has been accepted.

Please upload your video on the confirmation page to complete your application. 

If selected, you will be contacted in early June 2023. 

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You only need to share your profiles for the services you use. You do not have to have a profile for every platform.

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How long have you lived in Fort Wayne?

Local Favorites

What do you love about Fort Wayne?

Video Themes

If you were creating 5 videos to share Fort Wayne with visitors, what themes or content ideas come to mind for you?

Your Thoughts

Why would you like to be chosen for this collaboration?

Future Partnership

If you are not chosen for this contest, would you still be interested in partnering with Visit Fort Wayne on video content in the future?


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