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Board Self-Assessment 2024

Please complete the following self assessment. Your responses will be reviewed by the governance committee.


Question 1

We do a good job encouraging and dealing with different points of view.


Question 2

We all support the decisions made by the board.


Question 3

The board is composed of members with complementary strengths that make the body better.


Question 4

I read the minutes, reports, board newsletters and other materials in advance of our board meetings.


Question 5

I support board decisions once they are made even if I do not agree with them.


Question 6

 I promote the work of our organization in the community whenever I have a chance to do so.


Question 7

I stay informed about issues relevant to our mission and bring information to the attention of the board.


Question 8

As a director, are you reasonably clear about what is expected of you?


Question 9

What aspect of your service has been the most satisfying and enjoyable?

Question 10

Please tell us what aspects of your directorship have been the least satisfying to you thus far, especially within the past few years.

Question 11

Would you be interested in serving as an officer?


Question 12

Would you be interested in serving as a committee member (Finance or Governance committee)? 


Question 13

Are you satisfied with your attendance at board meetings?


Question 14

Are you satisfied with your personal commitment to the board’s annual strategic initiatives?


Question 15

Are you satisfied with your personal commitment to the organization's current mission?


Question 16

Do you have a good grasp of the organization’s financial conditions, needs, and priorities?


Question 17

Is there an agenda item or education topic you would like to suggest to a committee chair, the board chair, or the CEO for consideration in the upcoming year?

Question 18

Have you taken advantage of any opportunities to tell others about our organization’s work, programs, and services within the past year?


Question 19

Do you understand the need for directors to maintain confidentiality of the board’s deliberations and certain information provided to you?


Question 20

Is your service on the board compliant with the board’s conflict of interest and disclosure policy?


Question 21

In order for the board to be composed of members with complementary strengths that make the body better, do you have any suggestions for potential board candidates? Please share the name and organization. 

Your Thoughts

Please provide any closing comments or suggestions concerning your board service and how the board as whole might strengthen its effectiveness.

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