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Posted on March 25, 2015 at 5:01:00 am by Jasmine B.

FWCZ Presents Baby Sumatran Orangutan: Asmara

On every zoo trip when I was a child (and there were many... including well into my adulthood), my favorite, must-see-or-I-will-not-be-a-happy-camper animals to see were the monkeys and apes. Maybe it's because I believed I had a special connection with them, being playfully called a monkey

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Everyone loves babies, and you'll be able to see several little ones of the animal variety this season! There is tons of new life in many of the zoo exhibits, and we are excited for all of our visitors to see the new baby animals. Joey The kangaroo yard is home to at least three joeys this year. ... More ›

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