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Posted on July 06, 2018 at 8:00:00 am by Louisa D.

Fort Wayne, Indiana Remembers Those Who Serve

You don’t have to travel to the shores of Tripoli to pay tribute to America’s military – you can stop right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From an air park to a coliseum to city parks, Fort Wayne has a lot of sites that commemorate the valor of the Summit City’s fighting forces.

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Each November we stop and pause to reflect on all that those serving our country have done on Veteran's Day. To help celebrate these heroes, there are often a number of events in their honor to help commemorate the day we use to celebrate and reflect on the sacrifices current and past

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Posted on November 08, 2011 at 5:43:31 pm by Renee M.

Veteran's Day Events

Veteran’s Day is a time to celebrate the brave men and women that selflessly serve our country. I can’t speak for other cities, but Fort Wayne, Indiana does a great job at showing our appreciation. There is a full list of events planned for the weekend.

On November 11th, PCD (Phillips,

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