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Fort Wayne Fall Skyline Drone Photo

Fall in Fort Wayne

Appleseed Comics & Arts Convention - May 11

It’s hard to believe, but it’s comic convention time again here in Fort Wayne. This is the third year I’ve covered our local con, and while it wasn’t the first post I wrote for the Visit Fort Wayne blog, it was close enough that I use it to mark my anniversary with the organization. For the…

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Budget Gifts for Nerds

Black Friday is over. Cyber Monday has passed. That means if you’re still shopping for gifts, you may be running low on cash. If you've noticed that some of those names on your list tend to be your nerdier friends and family, I've done some digging to find some really cool ideas that will…

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Geek Christmas: Part II

Toys are an awfully big part of Christmas. Whether you’re giving them or receiving them, there’s always something new to play with waiting under the tree. I’ve never had much patience when it comes to, well, anything, so lucky for me I have the uncanny ability to know what’s underneath the…

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