Ice Skating at Headwaters Park

Winter in Fort Wayne

Mamma Mia! This is One Show You Don't Want to Miss!

What can be said about a Broadway musical that is celebrating its 10th year of international success, has been performed 4,000 times in 40 countries, and ehas ven been translated into Chinese? Yet Mamma Mia! seems to have withstood the test of time. No doubt the music of 1970s pop music…

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Enjoy a Grand Page Organ Concert at the Embassy Theatre

What do a Chinese gong, castanets, tambourines, tom-toms, wood block, steamboat whistle, sirens, fire gong, telephone, claxon, sleigh bells and chirping birds have in common? They are all sound effects that can be played, among others, on the 1,100-pipe Grande Page Organ at The Embassy…

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