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Sapporos - VFW 011 Come watch the artistry of Japanese chefs at the new Sapporo Japanese Seafood & Steakhouse here in Fort Wayne. You and the kids will enjoy watching the chef juggle not only your food but also cooking utensils and various fresh ingredients used to prepare your meal right in front of you. The ... More ›

Fort Wayne is blessed with a host of wonderful dining options. Among these are several excellent places to indulge in what many might consider the great American meal. A big 'ol steak. I know when I was a kid it was a treat to have steak night at home. Mom would bring home the steak and fire

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BakerStreet Steaks, Seafoods, and Spirits has been one of my favorite dining spots since moving to Fort Wayne over a year ago. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease (I cannot digest wheat/gluten) BakerStreet has risen to my number one stop for fine dining. I dined at BakerStreet shortly ... More ›

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