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Headwaters Park Ice Skating

Winter Activities

Koto Japanese Steakhouse + Sushi

If there's one type of starch my toddler could live on, it's rice: Indian rice, Spanish rice, rice pilaf, fried rice, and even sticky rice with sushi--he's not discriminatory. That's helpful when taking the family out for dinner, since most every cuisine includes some type of rice. One of our…

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5 Restaurants to Keep Your Kids Happy

No one told us this one. Everybody told us the hard parts of having children. Changing diapers. Random Puking. Endless Laundry. But nobody warned us about how gosh-darned difficult it would be to simply pick a place for dinner. It was hard enough when we were just a couple of crazy kids…

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Fort Food Nerd: The Koto Experience

Okay, okay. I’m biased. I love Japanese food, so the task of treating myself to a dinner of sushi and hibachi grilled awesomeness is pretty sweet. But I’m a professional, and I am committed to relaying my experiences at Koto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi to you, the loyal Visit Fort Wayne…

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Get Your Sushi Fix at Koto Japanese Steakhouse

Koto Japanese Steakhouse, located off of Washington Center Road, is not your average, run-of-the-mill sushi joint. With fresh, high-quality selections, in a unique atmosphere, Koto is worth checking out for a fix of Japanese cuisine. The entrance sets the tone for the restaurant immediately…

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