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Family walking on the Tree Canopy Trail at Promenade Park


Celebrate the return of fall at the Johnny Appleseed Festival

If you're from Fort Wayne, you know that the "official" start of fall is the Johnny Appleseed Festival. The smell of fresh popped caramel corn, the sounds of the revolutionary marching band marching through Johnny Appleseed Park, the first taste of homemade apple dumplings, and a barrage of fall…

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Combine Education & Fun at Johnny Appleseed Festival!

The official start of the school year has begun for most of the Fort Wayne area. I work in a school and its already time for mid-term grades to be issued! What I like as a parent and educator is that learning can happen anywhere, anytime. In my opinion historic festivals are a good use of a…

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A Weekend on the Frontier - Johnny Appleseed Festival 2014

I was listening to the words of “The Star-Spangled Banner” the other day and thought, “Man, why has there never been a big-budget movie about the Battle of Baltimore? That would be awesome!” The battle – specifically, the failure by the British to take Fort McHenry – was a major American…

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Mark Your Calendars for the 2014 Johnny Appleseed Festival!

A child clasping a bunch of dried corn husks, a glitter of sunlight on antique glass and the mouthwatering sight of dozens of Dutch ovens bubbling away over open fires – this must be the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It’s on September 20 and 21, this year. Women in long, calico dresses, men in…

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Crafts of the Johnny Appleseed Festival

If you’re a crafty person or someone who appreciates innovation, you’ll want to visit the Johnny Appleseed Festival. The festival is designed to reflect life in the late 1700s- early 1800s, the time when Johnny roamed the country planting apple trees, as the legend goes. Crafts are a big…

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Tour Like An Insider: Best Festival

We asked our bloggers about their favorite Fort Wayne festivals. Here's what they had to share: Three Rivers Festival offers something fun and unique to experience every day. We come downtown to enjoy the festival nearly every day that week! – Heather Schoegler Johnny Appleseed Festival –…

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Johnny Appleseed Festival: From a Foodie's Perspective

The Johnny Appleseed Festival returns to Fort Wayne for its 38th year on Saturday, September 15, and Sunday, September 16, at Johnny Appleseed and Archer Parks. From its humble beginnings with only 20 vendors to its over 200 vendors today, Johnny Appleseed Festival has always honored John…

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