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Headwaters Park Ice Skating

Winter Activities

Downtown Fort Wayne Window Displays

The Holiday Season is all about family, food, and decorations. Every December I love the tradition of picking out a tree and decorating it with many beautiful ornaments. Although I mainly help organize the ornament hooks - it is still a tradition that I look forward to. This year the Visitors Center…

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Low-cost Christmas Events for Girlfriends

Your girlfriend wants to celebrate the holidays. You don't want to spoil the mood with your few remaining dollars. We've all been there, Sister. Never fear! Fort Wayne offers many choices for inexpensive holiday delights. Receive a soothing serenade Kenny G-style with a free concert by the IPFW…

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Low-cost Christmas Events for Families

Christmas can be a stressful time for finances, especially when the kiddies have a long list of ‘wants'. [[endteaser]] Why not tempt them away from the electronics/high-priced toys to spend time together as a family participating in some of Fort Wayne's holiday events? The best thing is many of the…

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Low-cost Christmas Events for Seniors

Has the approaching Christmas season got you down because of a limited income? Or maybe you can't handle shopping, due to health problems. Fort Wayne is blessed with several holiday-related places to help with these stressors. 1. Hyde Brothers Book Store At Hyde Brothers, you don't need to enter the…

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Williams Woodland Park Home Tour

Beautiful homes, snowy grounds and Christmas lights are a few of my favorite holiday things! Honestly, this trio makes a wonderful early Christmas present! It's even better when you share it with friends and family. The Holiday Tour of Williams Woodland Park will make your season, truly…

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Meet Santa and Reindeer at the Botanical Conservatory

Do you hear sleigh bells ringing? Are they jingling? Maybe I'm hearing tinkly sounds because I'm thinking of a visit to the lovely Botanical Conservatory in December. It's probably all in my mind, I admit (at least I hope so.) The reality is Santa and his sleigh bells will appear at the Botanical…

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Let's Go to the Ballroom and See A Mansion

Long before dancing shows made their way on to media channels, Fort Wayne's rich and famous individuals had their own stage. The glitzy and glamorous would gather at the home of John Bass's home the Brookside Mansion and head up to ballroom! [[endteaser]] Located on the top floor, the ballroom is a…

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