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Headwaters Park Ice Skating

Winter Activities

National Alpaca Show & Auction to take place at Memorial Coliseum

I first learned about alpacas while watching an Australian show on Netflix called McLeod's Daughters. An alpaca is a tall, four-legged fuzzy animal with a long neck. It is a cousin to the llama. The ‘fuzz' on an alpaca is 10 pounds of fleece that's typically sheared annually. At one time this fleece was reserved for royalty. Today, hand-spinners, fiber artists, and knitters buy it as yarn for special projects. While the emphasis on the TV show was not on these four-legged creatures, it was educational about alpacas. One thing I learned about alpacas is that they are a relatively new animal in North America when compared to other livestock. The first alpacas were commercially imported in 1984. Today, there are more than 230,000 registered alpacas…

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It's Time for the Fair!

It would not be summer without a county fair. The Allen County Fair opens on Tuesday, July 24 and closes on Monday, July 30. These seven days will be filled with animals, children, competitions, carnival rides, and fun. Just as it should be. The Allen County Fair holds a special place in my…

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