Spring Break at the Botanical Conservatory

Spring Activities

Sweets So Geek: Unique Confections Not To Be Trifled With

Chatting with “Sweets So Geek” owner Chad Seewald it quickly becomes apparent where the soul of “Sweets So Geek” comes from. Today, Seewald and some generous family volunteers including his wife Heather are preparing for their retail shop’s grand opening. Pouring another mug of coffee that…

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Not a Crumb is Wasted at Cookie Cottage

Update: Cookie Cottage has relocated to 620 W. Washington Center Road You have to see the cookie jars. They line the walls of the shop and are in every shape imaginable – Snoopy on his doghouse, an old-fashioned stage coach, Tweety Bird, small cottages in ceramics, a giant strawberry… it’s…

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Parent/Child Date Nights: For Your Daughter

Do you have regular Mommy/Daughter or Daddy/Daughter date nights? It's something special my family started in the past year. If you have more than one child, I think it's especially important for kids to get one-on-one time with each parent. If your child is a fan of quality time, then this…

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