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Kids' Canal at Promenade Park

Spring in Fort Wayne!

Fort Wayne Comedy Club serves up laughs near downtown

One of Fort Wayne’s finest qualities is most residents have a great sense of humor. We love to laugh.  I love to laugh.  I mean, you should see what they’re paying me to write this – ba dum bum­ .  But seriously, ( wah-wah ) to serve fresh helpings of chuckles and the giggles, the city has a new laughtaurant near downtown’s core.  The Fort Wayne Comedy Club opened in June at 2104 S. Calhoun Street…

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2016 All-Star Comedy Jam in Fort Wayne

Comedy is an art, maybe even a science and if that is the case these comedians should be classified as scientists. TheAll-Star Comedy Jam is bringing some class acts to the Fort Wayne Embassy Theater, April 9, 2016. So brace yourself for an awesome time…

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