Fort Wayne Fall Skyline Drone Photo

Fall in Fort Wayne

The Auer Center: a Taste of the Arts

Where can you go to access the arts, all under one roof? The Auer Center for Arts & Culture, of course! The Auer Center, located in downtown Fort Wayne at 300 E. Main St., houses arts and cultural organizations, galleries and studios. Who doesn't love re-purposed space? While not the original…

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Create Art for Art's Sake in the Summit City

Winter is here, and that means indoor activities. Why not channel your inner artist? Plenty of options exist for artistic expression. Here are a few: Wine and Canvas: Wine and Canvas is a mobile business that brings the party to your favorite venues, corporate events, or living room! And of…

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Painting Classes Offered at Auer Center

Need a fun idea for a date, girlfriend night out or other group setting? How about a painting class? Breathe easy. This class requires no talent! What a relief to someone like me who still loves to color inside the lines of coloring books! As most people prefer something more advanced to…

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Have an hour? Make the most of it!

A regular question that we receive in the Visitors Center is from people who have about an hour in downtown Fort Wayne before they have to leave town and want to make the most of it. Here are a few ideas to help you squeeze in every minute of fun that you can! Outdoor Recreation Parkview…

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