Looking for a place to find obscure vinyl records? Wooden Nickel Music might be the place for you. The local chain, which has three stores, was started in 1982 by Robert Roets as "Wooden Nickle Records."  He wanted to create a cool place to buy records and tapes.  In about 1992, they changed into what is today known as Wooden Nickel Music because much more than records are sold now. Thirty years later he still caters to the interests of local music lovers. What is unique about this local enterprise is that each location boasts something different.  For example, the North Clinton store has a large assortment of classic rock, new rock, alternative, country, and  some soundtracks, jazz, rap, hip-hop, R&B and soul.  They also carry t-shirts, tapestries,  carrying cases, blank disc and cassettes.   This location also has hundreds of music DVD's.  Not to mention that this location has thousands of used movie DVD's and hundreds of cassette tapes too.  They will do cash for trade. The North Anthony store is the place for vinyl albums.  In fact, half of the store is album-related merchandise.  This store is a music lovers' paradise. They also specialize in buying albums here. Last, the store in the Village of Time Corners is the best of Clinton Street location and the Anthony location.  It has a good selection of vinyl like the Anthony location and a good selection of mainstream CD's like the Clinton location. Another neat aspect is the owner takes pride in promoting local bands and music. For the past few years, Roets has invited acts to perform throughout the day as part of Record Store Day, in April. Indeed Wooden Nickle is one of the last remnants of the days of the golden age of records. It's nice that Wooden Nickle makes it possible for people to pick up a record and re-live old, happy times. For more on Wooden Nickel, visit their website.