Fort Wayne loves its restaurants, even when you can't go out. Ask any resident to name their favorite places, and you will get many different answers. But what if eating out at a restaurant isn't available? Well, you can pamper your palate with home delivery and takeout! Here are some of the ways you can bring the best bites of the city home to you:

Waiter On The Way

Want to indulge in Casa’s famous salad or a Coney dog from Coney Island from the comfort of your hotel, home, or office?

Call or go online with Waiter on the Way! Waiter on the Way is a fast and friendly food delivery service that brings food from some of Fort Wayne’s most prominent restaurants to your home or office.

Just visit the website to find a restaurant. Then make a quick order, or give the operators a call. Note: Menu prices do not include sales tax. Delivery fee does not include gratuity.

260.442.FOOD (260.442.3663) Mon-Fri 8am-8:30pm | Sat-Sun 10am-8:30pm

Taj Mahal Indian Food DeliveredFood Delivery Apps

Fort Wayne also offers Smartphone apps for restaurant delivery and takeout. You can enjoy food from many Fort Wayne favorites, all at your fingertips. If a restaurant you like isn't listed on the app you chose, you can try a different app. I've tried takeout from Nawa (pictured above) using Toast, and delivery from Taj Mahal (pictured right) using DoorDash.

Here are some of the services in the area:



Highlights include: Delivery and Takeout options. Membership discount program.



Highlights include: Delivery and Takeout options. Membership discount program.



Highlights include: Delivery options from restaurants, grocery stores, liquor stores, and more. Membership discount program.



Highlights include: Delivery and Takeout options. Points Reward Program

Uber Eats


Highlights include: Delivery options. Membership discount program.

*This post was originally published June 2012 and has been updated and reformatted.