cinema-center-fort-wayne When I was in college, one of my favorite pastimes was going to the indie theater down the street from my college. There was always something offbeat playing. It was a welcome diversion from my coursework.  Now, years later I still look forward to my moviegoing experience--this time at the Cinema Center. Located in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne, this place is a film buff’s dream come true. From a foreign flick, to the latest indie film, there is always something engaging playing. I have seen everything from more mainstream films (like Midnight in Paris) to more esoteric titles (like Paris Je t'aime). The variety is what I appreciate about it the most. Rarely do they show the same films you'll find at a standard theater.  There's something to be said for being among the movie-going elite. But there's more! The theater recently got an upgrade, with the addition of a new digital projector.  The non-profit recently raised the funds to purchase the $50,000 a digital projection system, in effect saving it from going under due to obsolesce. Friends of the theater breathed a collective sigh of relief when they made their goal. Speaking of money, bargain hunters will appreciate the discounted weekday shows:  $6 General Admission, $4.50 Seniors/Students, $3 Members, $2 Senior/Student Members. They also offer several events throughout the year. Bottom line: this place is awesome. Why would you ever want to go to the multiplex again?