Fort Wayne's dining scene offers an array of good foods, but few dishes make the cut for being the "best of the best."  Want to know the inside scoop? From The Deck’s “tots deluxe” to Club Soda’s smoked gouda dip, this city’s food gems satisfy the hungry customer.





The Deck, a seasonal restaurant at 305 E. Superior Street behind Don Hall’s Gas House, offers a surprisingly fresh take on an old classic--the tator tot. Although tator tots normally conjure images of school cafeteria lunches, the tots deluxe, which is more than your average tator tot dish, was recommended by our waiter. Smothered with macaroni and cheese, tator tots, Andouille sausage and green onions, this dish offers an out of this world appetizer that satisfied our inner child craving for tator tots.



Another fabulous appetizer is the smoked gouda dip at Club Soda, located at 235 E. Superior Street.  Served with either flatbread or fresh veggies, it’s so good that the folks at Club Soda say, “we could actually start a restaurant that didn’t serve anything but this.”  Those who’ve had it before know why.



Paula’s on Main, located at 1732 W. Main Street, specializes in fresh seafood and their Maryland crab cakes live up to their good reputation. Lightly seasoned and loaded with crab, these cakes please those who want an East Coast specialty overflowing with fresh seafood.




Eddie Merlot’s filet mignon is one of the best steaks in Fort Wayne and here’s why:  Eddie’s knows meat, which is why they parade their raw cuts as a culinary lesson to new customers. Their beef is aged a minimum of 21 days and their filet is both antibiotic and hormone free. Plus, you can add toppings to all their steaks including mushrooms, onions, bacon gorgonzola cheese and even a variety of seafood options, like crab legs or shrimp.



The crispy duck at West Coast Grill, 2310 S. Calhoun Street and in Glenbrook Square, was noted as one of the best dishes in Fort Wayne according to the Journal Gazette’s restaurant critic Ryan Duvall.  The owner has even been known to carve the crispy duck for customers, serving it in lotus rolls with green onions and plum sauce. This Asian fusion restaurant impresses guests with its food and presentation.



Cindy’s Diner is often described as one of the smallest restaurants in town with its tiny seating of 15. But despite its small size, it has a big reputation. In operation since 1953 and having been relocated twice in its history, Cindy’s is now located at 230 W. Berry Street. The breakfast “garbage” plate, a Cindy’s Diner specialty, features hash browns, ham, eggs, onions, and cheese all fried together. The garbage plate aims to satisfy a big breakfast appetitie. As long Cindy’s is in business, the garbage plate stands as a Fort Wayne classic.



With so many great restaurants in the city, what is your favorite dish in the Fort?  Share in the comments and let us know.