Salomon_040 With the bountiful harvests in full bloom this summer, there's no better place to find fresh produce than local farmers markets. There are so many reasons to shop farmers markets; you'll be supporting our local economy, meeting the actual growers, and learning new things about fresh produce and its benefits. Fresh-picked produce has a higher nutritional content, and the prices are favorable to consumers - plus, the money goes directly back to the farmer. You can see for yourself every Wednesday from 5-8 pm at the Salomon Farm Park Farmers Market, located in the "Old Barn." Salomon_June_2011_044 A kid-friendly environment, the Salomon Farmers Market features locally grown flowers, herbs, fruits, honey, maple products, and vegetables, many of which are grown by the Salomon Farm Park day campers. Vendors for 2013 include Graber Organic Farms, Maple Acres, Ragin' Cajun, Schwartz Farm, and Zia's Italian Cafe & Tea House. In addition to fresh produce, you'll also enjoy food truck demonstrations, visit with the local farmers, learn new recipes from foodies, grab a cup of gourmet coffee and more. While the grown ups shop, kids can explore the farm, pet the goats, and run around in the evening summer weather. Salomon Farm Park 817 W. Dupont Rd. 260.427.6790