Oh, how the holidays can fray one’s nerves with so much activity, expectations, over-eating, and over-spending. I get annoyed at just the sight of all the glitter I have to clean up after the tree has been put away. I’m a freelance holistic health coach and wellness blogger among other things and even I over-do it on every level. Thankfully you can get some help from Pure Movement Pilates Studio located in downtown Fort Wayne.

I recently interviewed Proprietor and Instructor of Pure Movement, Tresa Meussling. I think one very important stressor to avoid after the holidays is the classic New Year’s punishment of resolutions and perfectionism. She had this to say about this very topic:




Recuperating after the holidays is all about taking small steps. Resolutioners tend to make large statements when it comes to committing to something such as ‘I'm going to lose 30 pounds this year’ or ‘I'm going to run a marathon by the end of the year’ without completely planning it out."

Meussling stresses the importance of small goals and says, "they should look at it in smaller numbers such as ‘I'll lose 3 pounds per month until December,’ or ‘I'll add 2.5 miles to my run until December.’ Resolutioners tend to get discouraged and lose the high that goes along with making a resolution if they feel as if they aren't accomplishing something in the near future. Making smaller goals that are part of a larger goal are essential to staying on track long term.”

Another way to stay on track is to plan working out with a friend. Working out with a friend encourages reliability, allows you to have fun together, and keeps you honest if you fall off the wagon. We typically see students who come with a friend are much more likely to succeed in their fitness goals than those who come by themselves,”  says Meussling.

Pure Movement offers $5 Bring-a-Buddy classes Saturdays in January.  If you bring a buddy, your class and your friends is each $5.  Meussling says, “Our classes are very unique, so it gives the community an opportunity to try a new type of workout with a friend. Hopefully, it encourages a pattern of working out with one another well into the New Year to succeed in their own fitness resolutions.”

Also, if you are in need of some fitness fashion inspiration, right next to Pure Movement Pilates Studio is a boutique called IdleHour, offering very stylish studio-to-streetwear plus amazing candles and things for the home. This boutique is beautifully merchandised and will surely calm your nerves after a hectic day!

Eating Healthy in Fort Wayne 

To help you get on a solid path of eating healthy, there are many juice options in Fort Wayne where you can find some healthy options.


  • Downtown's Beet Street Juicery has a wide array of refreshing elixirs including "The Hangover". They also have nourishing foods like smoothie bowls and soups.
  • Even Red Mango at Jefferson Pointe has a few juices and green smoothies on their menu, which are perfect for your afternoon pick-me-up. 
  • Loving Cafe at 7605 Coldwater is another location serving up healthy raw and cooked foods. Sometimes the chill of winter air makes it impossible for me to want to down another cold smoothie, so I'm thankful for those healthy soup hot options. Loving Café's Pistachio Mushroom is a personal favorite.


One of the best things to do for your soul after the holidays is to give yourself enough time. So many of us are "time poor". We rush here and rush there. If you can give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere or wake up a few minutes early or even give yourself a night off once in a while these little steps are so great for your self-care.