Sky Zone was not what I expected when I walked in. It’s very popular place and was pretty crowded when my husband and I arrived, but we were served right away. I would definitely say that the majority of the patrons were under the age of 16, but there were groups of older teens and adults there as well. I definitely think this is a place worth checking out if you are still a kid or a kid at heart! What’s awesome about this place is that there is so much more going on than one would first think of a trampoline park. There are public hours, party rentals, company outings, fitness classes, and fundraising events. It has just about everything! The fitness classes look like a lot of fun and aren’t expensive, at least not for the first visit to try it out. If you are passing through or visiting and want to try a different kind of workout, I definitely recommend checking out the SkyFit classes. They also have dodge ball for the casual player and tournaments for the more serious teams. I only have one complaint about the dodge ball. To prevent the smaller players from getting jumped on or knocked over, they split the teams up by size: larger kids on one side, the smaller kids on the other. This results in one team that generally has better aim and much greater throwing power. I understand, they can’t really do it any other way and I would rather my kid get hit pretty hard with a soft squishy ball than be knocked down by a kid who might be twice his size. It’s just something to consider before sending your child out onto the court. There was a private party when we visited, but they also have volleyball available, which looked like a lot of fun. They also do a super good job of splitting up the bigger/older patrons from the smaller/younger patrons. I was nervous when we walked in and saw how many small children were there.  They have the jumpers segregated efficiently and the trampoline “lifeguards” keep a close watch on all activities to ensure patron safety. They were on top of it. My husband and I didn’t know all of the rules and broke a couple by accident (Oops!), but the trampoline guard was polite and spoke to us immediately. At the foam pit and the basketball hoops, every other lane can bounce at a time to reduce the risk of running into other bouncers. Something that I was thinking about as I watched kids sweating, sneezing, and coughing, was “How in the world do they keep this place clean?” I located Alisha again before we left and asked. They sweep the trampolines and mop every evening. As for the foam pit, it is sanitized once every four weeks, block by block. It made me feel better knowing they took cleanliness that seriously. The biggest tip manager Alisha could provide was to book online before you get here, especially if you are visiting on a weekend. Make sure you log on to the Fort Wayne Sky Zone website to book. If you visit the area somewhat frequently with a large family, it would be advantageous to purchase a multiple use pass card. These cards do not expire, so even if you only visit once a year, your family can jump and bounce using the passes for several years. The cards only allow up to 5 visits I believe, but are worth it if you have multiple children. If you want more information on the passes, you’ll need to call Sky Zone Fort Wayne (260) 483-5867 because there is no information about them on their website. The socks you have to buy the first time you visit can be reused as long as all of the grips are still attached, which is helpful on the wallet. Parents of older kids can sit and relax in a lounge that overlooks the trampolines. There are benches all over for parents who want to stay closer to their kids or have little ones. For those with really young children, there are special times set aside for jumpers under 5. Waivers must be completed for every jumper and for children under 18 they must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian. This means parents can’t send their little one with Grandma or Grandpa unless they fill out a waiver ahead of time. I thought it was really convenient that the waivers could be completed online. This is helpful if you are traveling with a sports team, band, church group, etc. and not all of the under 18 year-olds have parents along. The parents can log on from home and fill out the waiver for the child. The waivers are site specific, so again, make sure you are on the Fort Wayne website. Overall, the experience was great! The staff was very friendly, helpful, and watchful at all times. The trampolines were clean and well cared for. The facility as a whole was clean and organized. I liked the possibilities for different activities and highly recommend the Sky Zone trampoline park to any visitor to Fort Wayne! Check out for specifics.