OK, I admit it, I’m not a shopper. My poor daughters had to drag me to the mall each year for prom dresses. We went through the same procedure in winter to do an annual Christmas shopping trip. So why am I writing a post on shopping in downtown Fort Wayne? Because I just spent an entire day shopping there and loved it! As one who is stringent with driving because of the cost of gas, I loved it that we could get to Jefferson Pointe to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods at Apple Glen for a gift certificate for my husband (he wants hunting gear) and new walking shoes for me, then be back downtown in 10 minutes. Tickets to a Broadway show at the Embassy Theatre for my sister—Check. Gift certificate to J.K. O’Donnell’s Irish Pub for my daughter who spent a semester in Ireland and loved it—Check. Purchase of post cards of Fort Wayne at the Fort Wayne Visitors Center for my other daughter who currently lives in Vienna, Austria—Check. (Hint: The Visitors Center has many gift items available for purchase from TinCaps hats and sweatshirts to cookbooks by area chefs and aerial views of Fort Wayne.) By then, the three of us were ready for lunch. We stopped in at the Lincoln Tower Soda Fountain for malts and sandwiches. Love this cozy eatery! While downtown, we visited The History Center’s new exhibit on Fort Wayne Innovations. Who said shopping can't be educational? It's the Mom in me. Other shops awaited us downtown, but by then we were tired and ready to plan them for another day. What is your favorite downtown place to shop?