Between August 15th and 20th, “Shop Waynedale!” Just a short drive from Downtown Fort Wayne, Waynedale is hosting an event that offers fun for everyone.

About Shop Waynedale

“Shop Waynedale!" is an interactive event to benefit Waynedale’s community, encourage people to shop locally, and further explore the area. There are more than 50 businesses in the Waynedale area participating: Tazza Cafe, The Stand, Crescendo Coffee and More, Club Room at the Clyde, and Hello Sunshine Bakery — to name a few!

Scavenger Hunt and Prizes

By participating in the "Shop Waynedale" Scavenger Hunt, attendees will have the opportunity to receive prizes! The top prize is $500, and other prizes include gift cards to local businesses. No purchases are necessary to play, and anyone can participate. 

The $500 prize goes to whoever most accurately solves a Waynedale scavenger hunt, and collects the most stamps from participating businesses. The “Shop Waynedale” gamebooks can be found at any participating business, or in the August 12th Waynedale Newspaper

Discounts and Deals at Local Businesses

While you are completing your scavenger hunt and getting your stamps, you can grab some coffee, some food, shop for household items, and more! Many participating locations that are offering deals and discounts, for the duration of the event, to anyone that presents a gamebook. 

You can find more information on the Shop Waynedale event page, Facebook, or website.