Icy Pointing reduced 200x300Everyone who has attended a Komet Hockey game has seen the team’s mascot, Icy the Eagle. As you’ll see from his sassy replies to my interview questions, Icy believes he is the most talented player on the ice at the Coliseum – and maybe everywhere!  

Q: How did you join the Komet hockey team?
A: You’re asking that wrong! Icy decided to let the Komets become HIS team. Free Agency, baby!  

Q: How long have you been with the Komets?
A: Again… wrong phrasing. The Komets have been with Icy since 1994. Not sure why they even bothered fielding a team prior to that ?????  

Q: Where do you get your athletic abilities?
A: Icy has EGG-celent genes! The rest Icy found in the bottom of a bag of peanut M&M’s.  

Q: What is the most daring stunt you have done during a Komets game?
A: Washing Icy-normous’s underwear. That and Icy once did an impression of Larry Sterling (Dayton Gem player). It was really hard to make something this pretty (Icy) look that ugly (Larry).  

Q: Is there a stunt you’d like to try in the future?
A: Whatever the chicks dig… that’s what Icy will try.  

Q: Who are your friends on the Ice—the oversized Icy and orange figure?
A: Again… I am their friend… get it straight! Icy will continue to be friends with Icy-Normous and The Spaceman as long as they remain current on their friendship payments!  

Catch Icy at a Komet Hockey game this winter!

*This post was originally published February 2012 and has been updated and reformatted.