Fort Wayne is a very colorful city.  Besides the beauty of the trees in autumn, the lights at Christmastime, and the colorful flowers of the many parks in springtime, there are many other “colorful” things about our fair city. To represent that, here are a few of those colorful attractions.

Discover Fort Wayne, Indiana


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Green is the main color you will see while touring the city’s rivers on the canal boat, Sweet Breeze. On this tour, you will experience “colorful river lore stories, Fort Wayne history, and muddy water tales” while watching the beautiful greenery flow past. 


Fair is the red, red rose, of which you will see in abundance in beautiful Lakeside Park’s gardens, along with multitudes of other colors. A popular spot for photography, Lakeside boasts beautiful antique roses and more recent varieties along its reflecting pools and graceful white pergolas. There is even a pavilion available to rent and a playground for children. Fort Wayne is also home to many beautiful parks that you can enjoy on Fort Wayne's 100 miles of trails.


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Discover the blue waters of Australia and the teal blue of a peacock at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. Open April through September take a ride on the wild side and discover one of the top ten zoos in the nation! Your family will love the 40 acres of animals, interactive activities in all four areas of the zoos, and beautifully landscaped grounds.


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Day or night, yellow is the color you will see at some of Fort Wayne's greatest festivals, with brightly-painted food trucks, displays, and celebrations. At night, the twinkling lights on the rides of the Three River's Festival Midway cheerfully invite all fairgoers to the fun. Many of Fort Wayne's festivals offer the perfect time to plan your getaway!


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Though pink is what Vera Bradley is generally associated with, at their annual outlet sale you will find more colors and patterns than imaginable—and great deals to go along with them!  Hosted in the spring, the sale boasts thousands of shoppers from all over the country, so get there early for the best selection.

Chocolate Brown

Brown may not sound like a lovely color, but when you walk through the doors of Fort Wayne’s premier chocolatier, DeBrand Fine Chocolate, brown becomes the most beautiful color in a chocolate lover's world. The delicious variety of truffles and gourmet chocolates is mind-blowing.  And for $5, you can even tour the Auburn Road location, which includes tasting. Yum! 


Discover the rough and tumble of a Fort Wayne Derby Girls bout. Playing at the Memorial Coliseum, this is a fast-paced race sport on skates and the only sport where players simultaneously play offense and defense. The girls end their season in May but maintain a community presence throughout the year with the various charity events they sponsor. Plus, there are plenty of sports throughout the year that you can discover in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Start planning your getaway and discover some of Fort Wayne's culture!