If blues, soul, and rock can be said to form a triangle, you’ll find Hamilton Loomis right in the center of it,” says Guitar Player magazine

If you could cross a friendly bar with a speakeasy you would have the Fort Wayne Comedy Club.

The Fort Wayne Comedy Club

The Fort Wayne Comedy Club is a hidden gem that you enter through the plain white back door in the tradition of the 1920’s speakeasies. Excellent atmosphere, darkly lit, with low lights and maroon and oak tables you will chill out without even realizing it.  

Experiencing a resurgence in big cities like Chicago or St. Louis, speakeasies originally emerged when the 18th amendment prohibited the sale of alcohol, so places opened where you had to speak quietly and enter secretly behind storefronts just like you do at this incredible venue on Calhoun. 

The wait staff is friendly and efficient delivering great drinks, and the best (abundant and hot) fries and chicken wings East of the Mississippi. With southern style cuisine, you can order fried catfish, perch, tilapia or whiting. This is a one of kind hotspot that will be your home away from home, your escape from cabin fever and anything else that ails you.

This club seats only 90 and fills up quickly with popular nationally known musicians and comics. The operational manager, Michael Moses, greets guests at the door and uses his connections in the entertainment industry to get top musicians like Hamilton Loomis.

The Fort Wayne Comedy Club Experience

The Fort Wayne Comedy Club is a place for to come enjoy many types of performances. From jazz to comedy, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

At Jazz concerts, expect an intimate setting where the artists can fully interact and bring the audience into the performance. On a Sunday evening in April, Hamilton Loomis, known for his deep-grooved funk and soulful blues-rock, treated the audience with an intimate, high energy performance that could headline at the Blue Note in New York.

"This is a place to come to and leave your troubles outside the door. Inside you have a place to make new friends, bring friends or sit alone in complete comfort,” says Michael Moses, Fort Wayne Comedy Club Operational Manager says. 

Comedy show usually run on Saturdays from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., and Sundays are for special events like concerts and special events. Be sure to check out the concerts and nationally known standup comics coming to the Fort Wayne Comedy Club Stage. It will provide you with an experience to interact with these headliners in a way impossible at a huge stadium. This is a place to go to have a good time. ***** (5 stars!!)

Fort Wayne Comedy Club
2104 S Calhoun Street