Every so often, Visit Fort Wayne has the opportunity to participate and help direct area school projects.

Similar to last year, the Marketing Department at Visit Fort Wayne had the great opportunity to host a fun project for a group of 7th-grade students at Towles New Tech.

The students were tasked with researching what components make a great civilization by analyzing Ancient China, Ancient India, Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. They were then to compare the growth and success of these civilizations with the growth and success of Fort Wayne and showcase their findings in a video that promotes fort Wayne to potential videos.

Discover Fort Wayne

Discover Fort Wayne from the perspective of the two winning projects from Towles New Tech 7th-grade students!

Video 1

Trinity Meyer, Luca McGee, Levi Pagan & Jakeline Ibarra

Video 2

Jeyda Nguyen, Nora Sartain, Maria Luevano-Soto & Perez Sims

Value of Tourism

Tourism holds a large value in the Fort Wayne community! Fort Wayne and Allen County businesses welcome over 5.8 million visitors and $560 million in visitor spending annually!

Tourism promotion improves our quality of life, raises the profile of our city, and attracts business decision makers and organizations – all while fundamentally benefiting Fort Wayne’s economic development.
Thus these promotional videos display why Fort Wayne is great, but also how far Fort Wayne has come in improving our community and civilization.

We would like to thank the Towles New Tech students for taking such pride in their projects, although we could only choose two winners, all of the videos were great representations of all of the great cultural activities and attractions that visitors are enjoying. Congratulations to all the students for the hard work they put in to show us that Fort Wayne is a great civilization!

Great job!