Bower North Productions presents the mystery-comedy “The Case of the Christmas Star” Friday, December 14th at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Fort Wayne. The hotel is now taking reservations for this hilarious dinner show….perfect for individuals, couples, or small offices planning Christmas parties.  A social time at 6 features appetizers and champagne followed by an elegant holiday buffet and the show.  Tickets are $34.95 when reservations are made by November 22nd, and $39.95 after November 22nd.  For Reservations, call Carol at the Courtyard Marriott, 260-579-9226. In “The Case of the Christmas Star”, wealthy museum curator Dominic Radner has just returned from a trip abroad with his latest acquisition: the priceless Christmas Star diamond.  But when Dominic is found dead in a chair and the diamond missing, the bumbling Detective John Fieldstone is called to the case. He interviews the eccentric occupants of the Radner mansion, including Dominic’s long-time assistant Penelope Perkins, who harbors a secret….his house keeper Mimi DuQui who has a penchant for picking lint…his attorney Burris Kane, who helped write Dominic’s will….and his forty-something son Rolf Radner, who never left home and is still upset his father won’t buy him a Jaguar. The audience gets the opportunity to help Detective Fieldstone solve the case by filling out crime reports. One audience member will be named “Detective of the Evening”.  The rest will die laughing at this original mystery-comedy from Bower North Productions. Bower North Productions is based in Fort Wayne, IN and has been entertaining audiences since 1987.  The traveling troupe performs audience-participation mysteries, Vaudeville-style comedy, music, and magic for public and private events throughout the region.