At first glance, one might think Black Dog Pub is an eatery geared only toward adults.  One peek into the family room would prove otherwise. Walls are decorated as street buildings in rich, earthy colors. Children will be entertained as they count dozens of black dogs peppered around the small room in various poses. The families who visited this pub during the lunch hour I was there seemed to enjoy themselves. For adults not wishing to dine in the family room there is room for seating in the bar. The mostly darkened area is stimulating with music and TVs, but the noise level is not overwhelming, making it easy to converse. I chose to brave the heat and sit on the patio, where a staff member watered the ferns that shaded the patio while we carried on a friendly conversation. After she left, I noticed the ash trays weren’t your average shape. They were metallic dog bowls.  Kudos for creativity! The waitress remembered to refill my glass of water, even though I was the only customer outside. I ordered a chicken quesadilla, which was nothing short of fresh and delicious. (Note: Food servings at the Black Dog Pub are quite large. Plan on taking food home, or else arriving very hungry!) There was some miscommunication between the waitress and me and she accidentally disposed of my leftovers instead of packing them for me to take home. Upon learning of the mistake, she apologized profusely and cooked a new quesadilla for me. This situation could have left a negative perspective in my mind, but the professional way it was handled didn’t dissuade me from wanting to return. The welcome sign out front reads: “Come.  Sit.  Stay.” And I certainly will again! 6230 Covington Road   Hours: Sunday:  Noon – midnight Monday – Saturday:  11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. ATM is available. Contact information: 260-432-5534