Spring is finally here! New signs of life are starting to pop up from grass blades to wild flowers. The cure for a family's last 'bout of cabin fever is a hike! If you local or a visitor to the area, I recommend these trails:

Dustin (Tom & Jane) Nature Preserve

On the outskirts of Huntertown, just north of Fort Wayne, is the Dustin Nature Preserve. Located off of Chapman Road, this hidden treasure of wooded land offers calm, tranquil beauty. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and walk through the woods to see spring foliage and hear wild animals. Be sure to take the trail that overlooks Cedar Creek, your family will feel like they are hundreds of miles from Fort Wayne.


Southwest Allen County Schools' Environmental Center


Hidden behind Homestead High School, the Southwest Allen County's Environmental Center is a great place to relax on a Sunday afternoon. Your family will hike over the bridge and through the woods. The well-kept, almost unknown nature center, is a frequent hideout for deer, rabbits and squirrels. Afterwards, be sure everyone stops and sits by the small pond for some quiet reflection.


Metea Park


On the northeast side of Allen county is Metea Park. This 250-acre park contains five miles of hiking trails through rugged and varied terrain. Young and old will love to listen to the birds chirp and watch the chipmunks play. Before or after your family's hike eat lunch or a snack in the picnic area.


Lindenwood Nature Preserve


This family-friendly park just west of downtown Fort Wayne provides hiking opportunities for entire family! If you need trails accessible for strollers and wheelchairs this is your park. Parents, grandparents and children, and other relatives can enjoy wildlife viewing at the preserve. Admission is free.


Eagle Marsh


If you want to go on a long hike, without leaving the city, Eagle Marsh is the place for your family! Eagle Marsh offers 10 miles of trail which allow hikers to access the preserve's varied habitats of shallow-water wetland, sedge meadow, mature forest and young trees. Dependent upon your family's energy levels, you can hit every trail possible or a take a mini-hike with a 1/2 to 2 miles options are available.