If you're like me, a great meal always begins with some breaking of bread! From loaves of bread to dinner rolls and breadsticks, dine at these restaurants and make sure you save room for the best house bread in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Casaburo Salad from Casa! Ristorante in Fort Wayne, Indiana

6 Mouthwatering Breads in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Casa Ristorante Italiano

Fort Wayne’s classic Italian eatery, Casa Ristorante Italiano, holds quite the honor when it comes to gathering the family around a big table of pasta, pizza, and much more. Served up with creamy butter, comes their Italian table bread. Delivered in loaves, this bread has a smooth, crunchy crust and a perfectly soft center. Also, don’t forget to enjoy their herbed olive oil.

Insider Tips: Be sure to ask for the olive oil and parmesan. Mix pepper, parmesan, herbed olive oil, and minced garlic (special request) together to make an amazing bread dip.

Don Hall's Gas House Bread

Don Hall’s Gas House

As you’re about to enjoy your meal at the Gas House, you’ll be greeted by a loaf of bread you won't want to share. The round loaves have a peppered salt seasoning that adds a little extra spice to the experience. As you place the creamy butter onto the large slices, the butter melts instantly. Your next visit to Don Hall’s Gas House is granted to be a good one. 

Don Hall’s Tavern At Coventry

Tavern at Coventry’s pub-style design creates a fun, traditional setting to enjoy a great meal. The complimentary house bread is a dark Indian rye bread that comes in small round loaves held within a basket. It’s paired with a thicker butter, and who doesn't love butter. I highly recommend ordering soup to partner with this scrumptious bread.


Two options you may find at Biaggi’s to be served at the beginning of your meal are the exquisite mashed-potato-based focaccia and a ciabatta – Italian baguette. Give these breads a try with Biaggi’s oil with butter, to make “Biaggi’s Butter”. This basket is just perfect for the great Italian meal that you’ll indulge in swiftly.

Cork 'N Cleaver

Get a taste of some delicious brown sugar molasses oat crusted pull-apart loaf accompanied by a cinnamon vanilla butter at the crowd favorite, Cork 'N Cleaver. Well-known for their huge salad bar, the bread is a sweet and fresh start to an excellent meal and experience.

Zianos Italian Eatery

Pull up a seat at Zianos Italian Eatery, and be sure to order an appetizer of their famous breadsticks. Made with 100% real honey. These breadsticks come with nacho cheese, alfredo, marinara, or garlic butter.

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