Bagels have long been a breakfast staple, but in recent years, they have grown in popularity in just about every type of meal. It isn't unheard of to enjoy a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even dessert bagel. The bagel industry has adapted, and Fort Wayne's culinary creatives are serving up something for everyone. 

Where to Find the Best Bagels in Fort Wayne

For some, a slight cream cheese schmear atop the bagel is just what you'd expect. But it's becoming quite common to pair bagels with more unexpected toppings! From chocolate to roast beef, these new features are strengthening what bagels can bring to the table. Flavors can branch out to all types of bagels to suit your needs. Connecting to that flavor can be just a few steps away as these new bagel trends have gained interest locally. Fort Wayne has been fortunate to see its food and brew scene excel through the tastes of its eaters. Looking for the best places for bagels in Fort Wayne? Let's roll.

Bagel with nutella topping

Davey's Delicious Bagels

Since Davey's hit the Fort Wayne market, it has been a hot (or should I say, "steamed") seller for all to enjoy a unique approach to indulging in bagels. These creations stand out for the many unique toppings, as well as the steamed bagel approach. From asiago to cinnamon & raisin bagels, you can find all types of sandwiches served with a zesty taste. For example: the Una Panuna's Banana-Rama! Its Nutella topping just jumps out to you when you take the first bite. It's a perfect combination for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whatever snack you're seeking. The scrumptious options provided by Davey's are just as wonderful as the artistic approach that Davey's provides. Other toppings you'll find at Davey's include avocado, jalapeños, lox, olive tapenade, and many more. Take a visit to this spot at 1006 Broadway and be inspired by all of the local art at this bagel sandwich hub.


Shop Two Sixty
Bagel sandwich from a Shop Two Sixty pop-up market at The Garden.

Shop Two Sixty

Known for their flavorful and artistic bagels (and Instagram feed), Shop Two Sixty has made big waves through their dedication to fresh ingredients. Not to mention, their dedication to reaching their customers! Shop Two Sixty conducts their work remotely by selling at pop-up shows, the Ft. Wayne's Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, home delivery, and catering. Find tasty flavors like egg brioche, toasted oat, aged cheddar, and plenty more from the Sourdough Bagel Market that makes up Shop Two Sixty. You'll thank yourself after giving it a try.


Fox mural on the side of the Friendly Fox restaurant

The Friendly Fox

This local favorite nestled in the historic 46807 neighborhood (just south of downtown!) slings breakfast sandwiches with quite the robust menu! You can upgrade your breakfast sandwiches with a house-made bagel. Let me suggest The Italian for breakfast. Pairing with the delicious toppings on the sandwich, the house-made bagel will surely match the tune of your tastebuds. The Friendly Fox also serves up some pretty amazing lattes and espresso drinks.

While you're there, snap a photo in front of the Sly Fox mural out front — a favorite on the Fort Wayne Public Art Trail!


bagel breakfast sandwich on a platter on a table in the outdoor patio dining area at Crescendo coffee and more
Photo Credit: @crescendocoffeeandmore on Instagram

Crescendo Coffee & More

If you're thinking about exploring the famous Quimby Village, make a stop at Crescendo Coffee & More. You'll be greeted by the extensive collection of bagels from local baker GK Baked Goods, and trust me, you'll love the combinations you can create through their bagel options. Warm or room temperature, the bagel sandwiches that Crescendo Coffee & More provide are exactly what you need. Not only does Crescendo build a good bagel sandwich, they brew a good cup of coffee, too.


six bagels from GK Baked Goods lined up
Photo Credit: @gkbakedgoods on Instagram

GK Baked Goods

GK is a well-known Fort Wayne baked goods leader that is always taking the food scene up a notch. Various restaurants in the area (even some listed above!) serve their sandwiches on GK's amazing bagels. You can also pre-order and pick up baked goods (perfect for holidays and hosting) and find them at Fort Wayne's weekly farmers markets. Keep an eye out for their GK Pastry Truck, too, serving up delicious breakfast foods!