Did you ever see a building and imagine it had a personality based on its owner? That’s the way Fort Wayne artist Diane Groenert looks at many structures. Diane specializes in home and business portraits. “I attempt to put a bit of the personality of the owner into the painting by playing with line, color, and perspective,” she said. “For that reason some buildings are more animated than others.” Artist Diane Groenert’s work, totaling 35 pictures, are on display at Fort Wayne International Airport now through June. The colorful paintings are hung in the large gallery on the secured side of the terminal on the upper level near the air museum. They are also able for viewing in the small gallery on the non-secured side of the terminal near the ticket counters. After having admired some of Diane’s work of downtown landmarks at the Visit Fort Wayne office at 927 South Harrison, I’m planning to catch this fun exhibition and buy her note cards of the Embassy Theatre, Coney Island, and Tiny Tim Diner to send to my far-flung kids. Hopefully, the note cards will remind them of good times we have had in those spots. The note cards are available for $2.25 each. You can see more of Groenert’s work at her website: www.dagroenert.com. Groenert’s display is part of an ongoing exhibition the airport sponsors under the “Art in the Airport” program. The airport does not charge artists to display their work nor does it take any commission on pieces sold.