Motorsports are an Indiana tradition. From the Indianapolis 500 to tractor and truck pulls, the Hoosier state shows its pride in the automobile. When Henry Ford crafted the first vehicle, he didn’t design them to race against each other, crash them up, or use them to pull heavy objects. Other visionaries crafted such competitions, as modern machinery allowed for idle time. It didn’t take long for those in Allen County to catch on, and the area has a list of Motorsports all summer long.

Race Cars
Arcola Tractor & Truck Pulls

On July 8th and 9th, the town of Arcola hosts the Arcola Tractor & Truck Pull at the Branning Pull Park. The event, sanctioned by the National Tractor Pullers Association, is great for men and women who love to see drivers in tractors and trucks pull a 2,000-pound sleigh down a dirt track. On Friday night, visitors will see Four-Wheel Drive trucks, Heavy Super Stock tractors, Light Pro Stock tractors, Modified Mini tractors, and modified tractors. On Saturday night, visitors will see Heavy Super Stock tractors, Light Pro Stock tractors, Modified Mini tractors, and Two Wheel drive trucks. Purchase tickets at the Branning Pull Park gate, 11202 Reed Street in Arcola, Indiana. Tickets are $16.00 for teens and adults, $5.00 for children ages six to twelve, and free for children five and under.

Monster Truck Smash ‘Em Show

On August 12th, the town of Harlan hosts an opportunity for visitors to see Monster Trucks jump over and smash vehicles one, two or three at a time. The event happens at 7 p.m. at the Harlan Community Park in Harlan, six minutes northeast of 4-69 and State Road 37.  Tickets are $8.00 for adults and children five and over. Children four and under can attend for free.

Baer Field Motor Sports Park Stock Car Races

Every Saturday until August 27th, Fort Wayne visitors and locals can see car drivers compete against each other on the only track in town.  All cars are late models, which mean they can go pretty fast! Baer Field Motors Sports Park is located off Highway One/Bluffton Road at 4331 Winters Road. Tickets are $13.00 for adults, $6.00 for children eight to fifteen, and free for children seven and under.