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Jaclyn Youhana Garver is a thirtysomething writer who has called Fort Wayne "home" since 2008. Her favorite things are eating, travel, books, and Boyz II Men. She has a degree in newspaper journalism from Kent State University and a background in feature writing, blogging, editing, and marketing. In 2016, Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly named her one of Twenty Millennials Making a Difference in Fort Wayne. This is the longest she has ever lived in a single city.

Fort Wayne’s Most Likely To: Food Edition

When I was a Fort Wayne, Indiana newbie, certain restaurants kept coming up as favorites from my new co-workers: Henry’s Restaurant, a bar downtown; J.K. O’Donnell’s, an Irish bar downtown; and Club Soda, an upscale steakhouse with a killer martini menu downtown (you may notice a theme …)…

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The Best Bookstores in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Standing in the horror section of a bookstore, it seems like a B-movie cliché to say, “I heard breathing, even though no one was in sight.” And there wasn’t anyone nearby. The fellow shelving books a few aisles away wasn’t wheezing, and the only other patron I saw was clear on the other side of the basement, behind and through a sound-muffling maze of shelves…

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