Chinese food comes in many varieties - from the abundant Chinese buffets and takeout locations, to the upscale cuisine offered by national chains. Although I have been lucky enough to enjoy the full spectrum, I am always looking out for something different. I recently found one such place when I took my fiancée Misty out for her birthday dinner and we decided to try Wu’s Fine Chinese Cuisine on Coldwater Rd. From the second we entered the front door it was clear that this is not a simple Chinese takeout restaurant, but a higher class dining establishment, worthy of special occasions such as this.  The kind staff quickly got us a table, and we were thrilled by the menu we were given. To my delight, Wu’s seemed to have two menus in one. The first few pages featured exciting Americanized dishes that we were more accustomed to, such as Almond Chicken, Pork Lettuce Wraps, Honey Encrusted Shrimp, General Tso’s and others that are great options and can be staples for a restaurant on their own. But then, a few pages in, we encountered the Authentic Chinese Dishes section. For some like Misty, it takes courage to even read the available choices, such as cuttlefish or Chinese cabbage dishes, but for me these choices were exactly what I was looking for: the real Chinese experience. After closely deliberating the authentic menu, I went with the Tea Smoked Duck, a unique choice that really stuck out to me. We started with the Wu's lettuce wraps, having had amazing lettuces wraps in the past. Even though they are technically a dinner item, they make the perfect large appetizer. And we are happy to say that they delivered. Big time. When our meals came out, my dish came with half a duck, rice and small doughy buns, used to make mini sandwiches from the duck. The meal was served in a very special way where it was sliced through the bone in many places. Using utensils, I worked my way through the meal, rewarding myself with each delicious mini sandwich. In the end, I felt that I tried something different and had discovered new tastes that I will crave in the near future. Misty enjoyed her Almond Chicken from the first half of the menu, and we are both looking forward to coming back. Whether you are looking for those delicious lettuce wraps, or maybe something a little more authentic, Wu’s has the right atmosphere and options for your next meal. Wu's Fine Chinese Cuisine 4411 Coldwater Rd Fort Wayne,IN 46825 (260) 483-0899