It's that time of year again: the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo opens for the season on Saturday, April 27. If you're a native, or if you've visited often, you know how fabulous our Zoo is. You can visit the Central Zoo, or venture off into the African Journey, the Australian Adventure, or the Indonesian Rain Forest. What is new for 2019? Let's explore!

New at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Monkey Island

Monkey Island, in the center of the zoo, has long been a favorite spot with visitors. It's easy to spend a few minutes -- or more -- watching the antics of the monkeys as they run, jump, and climb around their island.

Monkey Island has been totally updated and improved; a project that has been in the works for more than a year. The updates include three new realistic-looking trees (perfect for monkey climbing), as well as a waterfall and extensive rock building. Stop by to see the zoo's capuchin monkeys, including guest favorite: Wilson, the tail-less monkey.

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo River Otter Exhibit

River Otters

Watching the zoo's North American river otters will be enhanced greatly by the new exhibit, shown above. It's been three years in the making and is 3-4 times the size of the previous exhibit. Through an underwater viewing window, you can view the otters swimming under the water, and scampering about on the rocks and other enrichments.


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New Rabbits in the Indiana Family Farm

The Indiana Family Farm is a favorite area for many. Although the animals there may not be exotic, they are important in their own ways. Despite Indiana's rural stereotype, many children have never visited an actual farm. The Zoo helps to make that possible.

New this year are Flemish Giant rabbits Dahlia and Sienna. These big bunnies (11 and 13 pounds!) join long-time zoo rabbit Pipkin.


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Giant Groupers in the Australian Reef

On a warm day at the zoo, a stop in the cool and dark Australian Reef is always welcome. This year, you'll notice two large additions to the tank with the sharks. They are giant groupers Yindi and Miki. Weighing in at around 40 pounds each, these are not your everyday fish.


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Baby Orangutan Growing Up

Four-year-old Asmara, an orangutan born right here at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, still sticks close to her mom, Tara. Orangutans stay close to their mothers for six to eight years (they have the longest "childhood" of any species other than humans). Still, Asmara is old enough to swing wildly through the orangutan exhibit. Time passes quickly as you watch the zoo's four orangutans interacting.

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo penguin Zuko

New Penguin Zuko

Spring brings your first opportunity to meet one of the Zoo's newest additions, penguin Zuko. Zuko (seen here swimming) was born here in December. He is currently easy to spot with his blue coloration, which he will keep until he molts and looks more like the 23 penguins he shares space with.

In addition to all of the animals, the spring can be one of the most wonderful times of year to explore the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with all of the wonderful plants and landscaping all around you.

What are you most excited about for this year's new season at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo?

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