It may seem like an ordinary storefront, but don't be fooled. The shop at 125 W. Wayne Street, in downtown Fort Wayne, is changing the way consumers view their purchases. Creative Women of the World (CWoW) markets original designs created by women who live in the third world for those in the developed world who believe in the power of creativity as a solution for poverty. So, what kinds of things will you find in their store? CWoW offers exquisite women's jewelry designed by women rescued from slavery in Central Asia. Haitian primitive art, Peace Pal up-cycled dolls for children's education, hand-embroidered frameable cards, and journals made from recycled cement bags all support artisans in Haiti as they continue to rebuild after the earthquake. But that's not all! You can find beautiful mudcloth scarves from Mali, colorful Masaii jewelry from Kenya, crocheted Pop tab purses from Mexico, organic leather purses crafted in Tajikistan accented with hand embroidered Suzani made by mothers for their daughters. Through its mission, the hope is that supporters interconnect through the hand crafted products, sharing stories and together building a healthier world-wide community. As a non-profit organization, 100% of their resources are directed toward fulfilling their mission. To that end, they help teach effective business practices to elevate the artisan's family and her whole community, encourage & reward creative exploration and quality craftsmanship through grants and micro-loans, and broaden the market for artisan's products so they are not limited by their local economic realities. Can't make it to the store? You're in luck. CWoW operates an e-store where consumers can purchase creative and unusual items. Want to learn more about this worthy organization? Visit their Facebook page.