One of my favorite Fort Wayne restaurants to visit is Takaoka of Japan, because not only do I always leave with a full stomach, but I also leave with a few new laugh lines added to my face. Situated in downtown Fort Wayne Indiana, Takaoka is a Japanese Steakhouse located on the 2nd floor of Don Hall’s Gas House. What makes Takaoka unique is that the chefs cook your food at your table with the use of large hibachi grills.  The chefs at Takaoka will not only make you a delicious dinner but will also entertain with jokes and show off with some pretty neat tricks! When browsing the menu you will see a variety of dinner options from steak to chicken to seafood.  Each dinner comes with their Soup a la Japanese, a wonderful Takaoka Salad with ginger dressing, hibachi vegetables, an appetizer of hibachi shrimp, and steamed white rice. The price of a dinner varies slightly but most dinners are below or around $20 (unless you opt for the lobster).  When I visit Takaoka I always have to get the Japanese Style Yellowfin Tuna Steak because they prepare it perfect every time and I have yet to have a better piece of tuna in Fort Wayne.  Even if you are not big on seafood, it is a dinner that is sure to please! Most people dining at Takaoka are celebrating a joyous occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. For birthday celebrations they will play a traditional Japanese birthday song and serve a nice sherbet ice cream to you (it even has fancy sparklers on it)! I am sure you will hear this song several times while you are there, but I feel like it only contributes to the overall experience. You are sure to have a great time at Takaoka of Japan, between laughing with the chefs and enjoying the delicious food, it is one dinner that will not disappoint. The tables sit up to 8 people at a time and it is usually a wise decision to make a reservation before going.  For more information regarding hours and location visit them online and happy eating!