Wanna hear something totally wild? It's about The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo! Guesses? Nope...it's not about their crazy cute crane with the wild hair! Crane (East African Crowned) Nopers. Not their adorable silly sea lions! Sea Lion This is even BIGGER news! Nooooo....nice try, but not their orangutan either! Orangutan The big exciting news is that the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo has officially opened it's doors for the 2011 season with all kinds of new animals and a completely remodeled zoo entrance and guest services building! This new structure will welcome guests all season long featuring attractive landscaping and updated ticket booths while still offering families the convenience of stroller, wagon and wheelchair rentals at their newly designed rental facility just inside the gate. That's always a sight for sore eyes (and legs too!) especially when you're the parent of a tired toddler! So get busy having some good summer fun by checking out all the cool new features of the zoo!