Until the last few years, Mexican food was getting pretty stale in Fort Wayne.  Choices were not much more than variations of two ingredients: tortillas and meat.  You were then lucky enough to be presented with a side of flavorless refried beans and dry rice.  But, oh, the cuisine has evolved! 

Today we have better, authentic choices.  Some of my taco favorites:


  • Salsa Grille - I credit them with sparking some much-needed competition in the Mexican food arena. Thanks, Salsa Grille! So grateful!

    My favorite taco is the grilled vegetarian on corn tortillas (the fairer of the tortilla sisters).  A blend of tri-colored peppers, zucchini, yellow onions, and cheese - and of course as much salsa as I can handle from their salsa bar.
  • Tacos Arandas El Amish on Broadway is keeping it real. You won't get lettuce, cheese, or a TacoBot here - but you will get seasoned, tender meat, cilantro, and white onions resting inside a corn tortilla.
  • La Fogata in Quimby Village has an unassuming exterior, but there's Mexican food magic happening inside. I recommend trying the Fajita Combinadas de Pollo y Res. The chicken and steak fajitas are tender and perfectly seasoned, and the onions, tomatoes, and peppers are crisp and tender.

    La Fogata's homemade chips have a flawless crisp to them and the salsa is fresh with big tomato and onion chunks in a soupy salsa - my favorite kind.

Which leads me to pontificate.  Homemade chips and ‘knock your socks off' salsa should be a staple of any Mexican restaurant - not just a bonus.  It makes me wonder why it's so hit or miss to find good quality. 

Thankfully for Fort Wayne, real tacos are here - no longer only found under the hot Mexican sun!