Oh, the perks of being an intern! I recently got to interview three of Fort Wayne's most notorious celebrities  . . . the members of the Fort Wayne TinCaps Bad Apple Dance Crew. Click here to read the other posts in this series. 1. What motivated you to become a member of the Bad Apple Dance Crew? The fact that I can be a terrible dancer, dance in front of thousands of people and make people laugh. 2. Who inspires you as a dancer? I would say Shakira—the hips don’t lie! 3. What is your favorite song and dance routine to perform at TinCaps Games? I have a few favorites. One is Dynamite, and the other would be Dirty Pop. 4. Finish the following statement: My dance style most closely resembles ______________. A new born calf—very awkward. 5. What is one song you would like to create a dance for that has not yet been used? Kriss Kross- "Jump Jump." 6. On average, how many hours a week do you spend fine-tuning your dance skills? Hours!?!?!  More like minutes. I’d say about 20 minutes max. 7. Do you dance outside of Bad Apple Dancer performances and practices? I try not to torture people more than I have to, so I keep the dancing to on the field. 8. What is your signature dance move? (And please describe) Anything with a hip thrust . 9. Do you have aspirations of taking your show on the road? I have never really thought about this, but would people really want to see us dance outside of Parkview Field? 10. What words of advice do have for fans or co-workers who aspire to be in the Bad Apple Dance Crew? If you can’t really dance, there is always a shot you could be a B.A.D. Catch the Bad Apple Dancers in action at their few remaining home games this season!