Where can you go to access the arts, all under one roof? The Auer Center for Arts & Culture, of course! The Auer Center, located in downtown Fort Wayne at 300 E. Main St., houses arts and cultural organizations, galleries and studios. Who doesn't love re-purposed space? While not the original purpose for this building, the versatility of the space makes it seem like it was made for the arts. Its contemporary design features spacious suites, high ceilings and abundant natural light — the perfect place to spark creativity. Inside, visitors can interact with several art and cultural organizations. The center is the headquarters for Arts United, Artlink, the Fort Wayne Ballet, Fort Wayne Trails and the home of Pembroke Bakery & Cafe, which serves a host of gluten-free and specialty items (Be sure to try one of their famous bakery items!)

 Auer Center - interior

Of course the nature of the arts is interactive. Visitors should keep their eyes peeled for news about events, as the Auer Center will be abuzz with activity. As the new home for Fort Wayne Ballet, hundreds of families pass through its doors every week coming to rehearsals and lessons. Artlink’s galleries draw a constant stream of art lovers during gallery events and retail hours. And other tenants, such as Fort Wayne Trails add to the vibe.  Pembroke is a great place for meetings between like-minded arts and cultural groups. Arts United is excited to be a part of this exciting development, as downtown continues to expand its cultural core. The hope is the Auer Center for Arts & Culture will anchor artistic and civic growth that will ripple through the Northeast Indiana region.F For more information, visit them online!