caramel apple Cider, football, crisp fall air, and DeBrand’s Giant Caramel Apples. This is how Fort Wayne knows fall has arrived.  With very few things as decadent as a DeBrand’s Giant Caramel Apple, they’re the sort of treat that makes you cherish every bite.  Locals anticipate the “event” that is caramel apple season every year. What makes these caramel apples so different than ones you’ve had before? First, they’re called Giant Caramel Apples for a reason.  They’re wrapped in multiple layers of caramel, chocolate, ad nuts.  Made from crisp green apples, dipped at least twice in DeBrand’s creamy made from scratch caramel, and topped with milk or dark chocolate and nuts they’re sure to make your mouth water.  On average one of these apples weighs 2 to 3 pounds so they’re plenty to share.  In fact, they make the perfect party favor! Heading to a hayride or a Halloween party? Pick up one of these goodies as a hostess gift and slice it up to share. Featured on websites around the country, DeBrand’s Caramel Apples are one of the things they’re most known for.  Giant Caramel Apples are available from the first part of October through November every year.  You can find them online and in the DeBrand Chocolate Shops throughout Fort Wayne.  Be sure to get one (or maybe two) before they’re gone!