Fort Wayne, Indiana: a city built on three rivers, right? Quick quiz: can you name those rivers? You can find them listed at the end of this post.

So, how many times have you visited those rivers? I'm embarrassed to admit that I've seen very little of the rivers, and I've lived here nearly 30 years. There's no excuse for not enjoying the rivers,  especially now with the renewed focus on developing our riverfront.

Summer Fun on Fort Wayne's Three Rivers


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Walking Tours

Last September, during Be a Tourist in your Hometown Day, I took a walking tour of the Riverfront. This was led by someone who knew a lot about the Riverfront development project, and it was really interesting to hear about the things that are planned, all while enjoying the beautiful plants and scenery around the rivers. These tours will happen again this summer.

Riverfront Fort Wayne will offer free tours on several dates. On these tours, you can learn more about the plans for the city's riverfront development project. Tours will start at Lawton Park (1900 North Clinton) at 10 a.m. These tours will take place on June 30, July 28, August, 25, and September 29.

Other walking options include the entire system of trails along the Rivergreenway -- more than 100 miles worth. You can walk or bike through the city's various parks and neighborhoods.


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The Rivers

It stands to reason that your exploration of the Riverfront should feature a water activity or two. Up top, you can see Sweet Breeze, Fort Wayne's 1840s replica canal boat. It departs from the dock at Headwaters Park West. You can take a river tour on the boat lasting from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Book tours here, or call 420-3962.

Riverfront Fort Wayne and the Parks Department offer boat tours as well. These tours are an hour and also departs from the Headwaters Park West dock. You can book it at, Fort Wayne Parks, or by calling 427-6000.

There are also plenty of other private boat tours offering rides and tours of Fort Wayne's rivers. From airboat rides to cycle boats and party barge boats there is something for everyone to get out on the water!


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The city is going all-out with Riverfront events this summer; check the extensive listings on the website to learn more. The library pairs up with the Riverfront to offer storytimes on the river. You can meet new friends after work with the Paddle Socials offered on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30-6:30. Sundays from 2 - 4:30, you can birdwatch on the rivers.

Many of these events have no or minimal costs involved. So why not make it a summertime goal to get out to the rivers and experience a bit of nature in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne?

Returning to our trivia question from the top: did you correctly name the St. Marys, Maumee, and St. Joseph rivers? Enjoy them this summer!